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Want an exciting route to enhance your career prospects?
Vantage Academy specialises in providing programmes that enhance an individual’s technical development and education. Start your career in the technology industry with support from experts, including Microsoft.
Our full course listing will be published shortly. In the meantime, if you want to discuss your training requirements or would like further information then drop us an email at hello@vantageacademy.co.uk


Vantage emphasises on delivering training and mentoring to support students in their job, and not to solely pass exams.
We also incredibly passionate about delivering the soft skills that are required within the tech industry, and deliver our training using motivational and ‘neuro-linguistic programming’ techniques to assist with accelerated learning.
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Apprenticeships give you the best opportunity to learn while on the job, increasing real-life experience by learning from talented colleagues and becoming qualified while working in a proper salaried role.
Our full prospectus will be published shortly. If you would like more information on how to become an apprentice or, you are an employer who is considering taking on an apprentice, drop us an email at hello@vantageacademy.co.uk and one of our team will call you back to discuss further.

Our Story

After experiencing the shortfall of talent within the technology industry – which was limiting business growth – Vantage Academy sponsor and award-winning CRM provider Cloud9 Insight started investing in apprenticeships to support development of new talent for the business.

Following outstanding success, we embarked on launching our own apprenticeship academy.
Our ambition is to help experienced people, as well as school and university leavers, attain skills and qualifications in the tech sector that will accelerate their career success. At the same time, we have sought to grow the untapped pool of talent that will become the future of tech.

We specialise in creating programmes that enhance an individual’s technical development and education, and Vantage has been working to extend the community with our Microsoft partners to develop an apprenticeship programme that will deliver to the industry level that Cloud9 has a reputation for producing. 

Based in Brighton on the south coast, Cloud9 Insight has outstanding talent to support Vantage Academy’s programme, as a proven centre of excellence for Microsoft Dynamics and continually helps employees grow through knowledge sharing, learning and further qualifications.

Vantage will offer advice and thought leadership on other aspects such as HR, business best practise, as well as advising students on soft skills/personal development and training.

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